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November 2022

October 25, 2022

dimensions of soceity

is the butterfly effect real.

nature (field)

what is/was the inception
is there a theory of the case
maybe no overarching theory
what’s the theory

what are the measures (sociology)
Dunbar's (?) premise about 150 people
communities (geographic)

SCALE issue


undertheorized & fb

is there propulsion measure with content/message

behavioral compment / direction

we are being paid in the form of emotion
mnipulation of emoyion for social control

what are the desired outputs? how do we measure them?

Liminality and Communitas (Victor Turner)

Turner, V. W. (2017). Liminality and Communitas. Ritual. Routledge. doi: 10.4324/9781315244099-9


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abstract = {{The attributes of liminality or of liminal personae are necessarily ambiguous, since this condition and these persons elude or slip through the network of classifications that normally locate states and positions in cultural space. This chapter describes the Latin term {\textquotedblleft}communitas{\textquotedblright} to {\textquotedblleft}community,{\textquotedblright} to distinguish this modality of social relationship from an {\textquotedblleft}area of common living.{\textquotedblright} The distinction between structure and communitas is not simply the familiar one between {\textquotedblleft}secular{\textquotedblright} and {\textquotedblleft}sacred,{\textquotedblright} or that, for example, between politics and religion. Certain fixed offices in tribal societies have many sacred attributes; indeed, every social position has some sacred characteristics. One brief example from the Ndembu of Zambia of a rite de passage that concerns the highest status in that tribe, that of the senior chief Kanongesha, will be useful. It will also expand our knowledge of the way the Ndembu utilize and explain their ritual symbols.}}


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Waskul, D. D. (2005). Ekstasis and the internet: liminality and computer-mediated communication. New Media & Society, 7(1), 47-63.

role play / second life

dunbar ethology

Coming of age in Second Life

rites of passage

Rites of passage
Saint Stephens day

Notes 11-11-22

how communication is the same how it’s different public and private. propaganda profiling vs. commercial profiling. innate social process that the Internet makes easier/ link sharing social processes do liberals have a different harnessing user-created content le vent du nord hypotheses



variation in time / curves in usage

web based apps esp games games paid for in-app purchases

games as strategy


advertising funding for internet will break down.

play with economics and mechanics and delivery channels

destroy the belief that advertising makes you money

Super Idea!